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Pet System

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Pet System : The pet system is a kind of animal you have in the game, which offers you both visual and a few extra features.

How Do I Get ? 

You can have this item after receiving the quest from the [Familar Tamer] Npc found in moradon.

It accompanies you as 1 level, you can name it and establish a connection with it in the game. So what exactly does it do? What does it provide?

- It would be a change for friends looking for visuality.


  • Gives You Extra Buff and Defense [By Level]
  • The last level is level 60.
  • It works in 3 different modes. ATTACK, DEFENS, LOOT
  • Attack: In this mode, you can attack the creature with your pet if you wish.
  • Defense: In this mode, you can tank the creature in defensive mode while your pet is attacking the mobs.
  • LOOT: In this mode, you can collect your items from long distances to your pet without any problem.

Images are as follows.





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