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item Rental System

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Hello YourKO ;

How does the Item Rental System Work and What are the Details?

  • - Only Weapon, Armor and Jewelry items can be given for a period.
  • - Locked or timed items cannot be rented.
  • - In return, you can give Coins, KC Vouchers or a timed item.
  • - KC Voucher items are transferred directly. No time can be selected for KC Voucher items.
  • - You Need To Right Click The Person To Select The [Rental Item] Option And Submit A Request.



-When the request is accepted, you need to put the item you will rent or lend in the box and determine how many hours it will take. (Up to 1,3,6,12,24,48 Hours Available)


-A faded copy of the item you rented will stay on you and you can see the return time on it (Unavailable)

-In this state, the item will not accept any action other than changing its location in the inventory until it returns:

-It cannot be not wear, trashed, sold to NPCs, merchant or traded, re-leased, banked, thrown into extra inventory, sealed, upgraded, etc.


-It appears in a yellow color on the person who takes the item (also the image of the item on the character will be slightly yellowish) and you can see the finish time on it.

-You can throw the Rented Item in the Trash, but it is not returnable.

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