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New Berserking WarriorAnd Renewed Mage details

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Berserking Warrior Details Are As Below ;

Skills are not changed, but we added an extra skill (Melee Skill)

You must also collect and open the necessary materials to use all of these skills. (Details to be shared)

image.png.58b46ebf1ce6100587815f71226c30a7.png 150% damage to surrounding users (requires 25 Skill points)

image.png.66c78c463798c841cf6e51cfac7366d2.png - 200% damage to surrounding users (requires 35 Skill points)

image.png.3d30a1b4858ffe1ec9711dbd65309c31.png - 250% damage to surrounding users (requires 60 Skill points)

image.png.53948ebbf62802b5d52546d8305bb224.png - 300% damage to surrounding users (requires 70 Skill points)


To use skills you need to choose targets, will not be thrown to your location


As for Melee Skills ; 

image.png.b2aad8ca0082219e21735e0624f31b86.png It can be unlocked with 60 Skill Points.

image.png.3ea6266ccae3e60db587945a31389ec1.png 70 Skill Points Howling Echo (To use 70 Skill must Unlock)


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