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Character Perks System

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Hello, As the xACS Team, I will talk about our new features that we will present to you on our New server.Remember, Many Modified Features And Systemic Changes Of This Kind Will Allow You To Spend Your Time In The Game In A Better And Comfortable Way.


What is Perks System?

It is a system that will help you to strengthen your character in return for the conditions requested from you.

There are 12 Features / Powers in Total in the Perks System. These are :


  • +%2 Damage
  • +%2 Less Damage
  • +%4 Damage To Monster
  • +%100 HP 
  • +%200 Mana
  • +%2 Drop
  • +%4 HP Heal
  • +%4 Mana Heal
  • +%1 Upgrade Change
  • +%2 Coins On NPC
  • +%3 Coins From Monsters
  • +%150 Weight

How can we use it?

An option will be waiting for you in your Character Info as you can see in the picture.


When you click on the section, you can see the features as in the picture you see at the bottom.


You can give a maximum of 5 Points to each power.


Everything is ok, how can I get points?

Your experience must be 500M and You must have 3x Silver Bar

NOTE: There Is No Level Limit Requirement For You To Benefit From This System. You Can Do It At Any Level

When you meet the conditions, you get 5 Jar from the EXP Jar [ 100 Million ] Option found on the last page of NPC Peddler [ Hemes ].


Visual Narration

Get 5 Jars from Peddler [ Hemes ] NPC for 500M Exp in Total. (Each 1 Jar Requires 100M Exp)



When You Get 5 EXP Jars, Get 3 Silver Bars from Sundries NPC.


When you complete the above steps, deliver 5 Jars and 3 Silver Bars to the Related NPC [ Hepa Pupil ] Shozin NPC as in the image I added below.


When the process is completed, it will give you an item called Perks Point, as in the image I added at the below (It is not in your inventory, it is automatically reflected as a point in the U Perks section) At the same time, a small window will appear on your screen.


image.png.1c73b83203f29c187e34db15357ebdf8.png image.png.7762a36b60dcc4a7f2e74b24def1793b.png


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