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  • YOURKO | xACS v.1098 MYKO | Yeni Sunucu 15 Mart 22:00'da

Clan & King Cape Bonus System

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Hello Dear xACS Lovers,
As always, we are constantly working to bring xACS Servers to the Next Level and to offer you a Better Quality, Comfortable Gaming Experience with New Features and Systemic Changes, where you can have fun without getting bored on our server.
On this subject, I will give you detailed information about our new feature, Clan&King Cape Bonus System , which we will use in our new server.


With the arrangement we made, the Capes And Their Features Have Completely Changed.

Cape Name Coins HP MP Defans Attack
Accredited colourful 175M 75 75 10 0
Accredited patterned 250M 100 100 15 0
Royal colourful 400M 150 150 10 %2
Royal patterned 850M 300 200 20 %3
Castellan 850M 300 200 30 %3
King Cape 0 300 300 50 %5

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