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  • YOURKO | xACS v.1098 MYKO | Yeni Sunucu 15 Mart 22:00'da

Mage Summon ( TP ) On Or Off System

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Hello Dear xACS Lovers,
As always, we are constantly working to bring xACS Servers to the Next Level and to offer you a Better Quality, Comfortable Gaming Experience with New Features and Systemic Changes, where you can have fun without getting bored on our server.
On this subject, I will give you detailed information about our new feature, Mage summon ( tp ) on or off system , which we will use in our new server.

What is Mage Summon ( TP ) Opening or Closing System ?

Any Mage Player in Your Party Will No longer be able to TP Unless You Allow

How to Activate or Disable ?

All you need to do is to come to the "Mage_Summon" option from the "H" Command Menu and use the Enable - Disable Options.

Enable : Active 
Disable : Deaktive

You can also see it in the INFO Bar when you activate or deactivate it.

image.png.226729dc699a1635b2d65f59f89e4ed2.png      image.png.e1156bd60ab9c7676638e563f6287722.png

You can watch our video for details:



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