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Lottery Event Details

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Hello Dear YOURKO Lovers,
As always, we are constantly working to bring xACS Servers to the Next Level and to offer you a Better Quality, Comfortable Gaming Experience with New Features and Systemic Changes, where you can have fun without getting bored on our server.
On this subject, I will give you detailed information about our Lottery Event


What is Lottery Event?

With a certain amount of Coins, you will be able to win gifts by entering the lottery.

How can I participate in the Lottery Event?

If deemed appropriate by the Game Master team, the event will open and a window like this will appear on your screen.


Their explanations are as follows;

Time Remaining : Indicates when the Event is Finished and Announced

Tickets Sold :  Shows the Amount of Tickets Sold

Number of People to win : Shows How Many People Will Win When The Draw Finalizes

Purchased Ticket : Shows How Many Tickets You Buy and You can Buy. You Can Participate Maximum 100x in Visual (Variation in numbers may be seen)


When the Event is Opened, you can see the amount requested from you to participate in the lottery from where I pointed in red.

If you click 1x Buy Ticket, the Coin Fee will be collected from You and the 1x participation in the Lottery will be reflected in the Purchased Ticket section above.


Prize Section shows the gifts to be earned. (Gifts may vary)

The Winners Are will be Named Notice and become a Fireworks Display

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