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Barracks War Event Details & Information

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Hello Dear YOURKO Lovers,
As always, we are constantly working to bring xACS Servers to the Next Level and to offer you a Better Quality, Comfortable Gaming Experience with New Features and Systemic Changes, where you can have fun without getting bored on our server.
On this subject, I will give you detailed information about our Barracks War Event

Barracks Wars that will bring you a new war excitement in YOURKO, detailed about
we are happy to present the information to you!

How to Register?


- When the Event is Active, the Join Window will appear on your screen.

When you click on Join, the Info Screen will come as the picture below.


Their explanations are as follows;

- Clan Members Wishing to Join the Event Must Press Join. (Only Clan Members Can Participate)

- Your Clan Grade must be at least G3 to participate in the event

- In order to participate in the event, a minimum of 4 people from your Clan must be registered.

- Maximum 16 Clan Members per Clan can participate in the event.

- Clan Members Wishing to Participate in the Event Must Have A Minimum Level of 55

- The Maximum Number of Clan that can Participate in the Event is 30.

- At least 3 Clan Must Register for the Event, or Event Will Be Canceled.


What are Event Details?

- Registration is done in just 18 minutes.

- 30 Clan registered can participate in the event.

- If Participation to the Event Is Too Much, Random Will Receive 30 Clan.

- To participate in the event, your clan must be at least G3 and 4 players must register.

- Clan Members who register for the event will be automatically teleported to the map at the end of the timer.



War Map and Contents

- There are 30 regions on the map where Participating Clans will randomly take place.



- There is one monument in each Clan Barracks.


Barracks Monuments

- The Health Value of each Barracks Monument is 5000.

- Monuments only take 1 damage with "R" Simple attack.

- Clan Members whose Barracks Monument is destroyed are automatically removed from the Event.

- Clans that Destroy Another Clan's Monument earn 1 Monument Point.

- Players who destroy the Clan Monument earn 1,000 NP.


What Happens If I Die at the Event?

- If killed by any player, you will be resurrected in your Clan's Monument.

- When you die, you can lose as much NP as you lose on the Colony Zone Map, and you can earn when you Kill an Opponent.

- Information of the players who killed each other during the event is passed through the chat window.


Victory Conditions

- The Clan with the Most Monument Points Wins the Event.

- If There Are Clans with Equal Monument Points, the Winning Clan is determined by the number of opponent players killed.

- If there are clans with equal Monument points and kills, the clan that first destroyed the monument wins the event.


Other informations

- There is no EXP Loss in the event.

- When players use the /town command they are teleported to their barracks monuments.

- When the event is over, all players are sent to the Moradon map.

- If a Clan member drops out of the game during the event, another clan member can join the battle instead.

- Players who want to quit during the event can exit from [Judge] Npcs located next to their monument.

- If All Clan Members Remove from the [Judge] NPC during the Event, their Monument HP will drop 10 HP every 1 second.


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