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  • YOURKO | xACS v.1098 MYKO | Yeni Sunucu 15 Mart 22:00'da
  • YOURKO | xACS v.1098 MYKO | Yeni Sunucu 15 Mart 22:00'da

New Colony Zone Event Details

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Hello Dear YOURKO Lovers,
As always, we are constantly working to bring xACS Servers to the Next Level and to offer you a Better Quality, Comfortable Gaming Experience with New Features and Systemic Changes, where you can have fun without getting bored on our server.
On this subject, I will give you detailed information about our New Colony Zone Event


What is the New Colony Zone Event?

"It Is A War Type" and Unlocked Certain Days Of The Week.

The Map you entered is the Ronark Land Base Area. There are 2 Chaos Stones Available in the BOWL Area of this Map. Also, Many Collections Exclusive to This Map Will Be In Our Race Events.

Entries to the Event are made through the Gate for every 2 IRC. If you are in the Colony Zone, you will be Automatically Teleported to the New Colony Zone map.


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