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  1. xACS makes new updates day by day and never stops offering diversity to the players.First of all, thank they for this update.The tattoo system added in our new server is one of them. In our new server, you can now exchange your Starter Package remotely with the help of right-click without going to the NPC, or you can see the gifts in the package content. NOTE: This system is only valid for the Starter Package item, it is obligatory to exchange the other PUS items from the hemes npcs. When you mouse over the Starter Package Item, a warning like the image below will you see. You can access the package details by right clicking. When you right-click on the package with your mouse, a window like the image below will you see. As it can be understood from the image I shared above, you can see the gifts that the Starter package will give from this window, you can remotely exchange it with the Exchange button at the bottom, or you can close the window by clicking close. NOTE: If you do Exchange if there is no empty space in your Inventory, an error window will appear as in the image I shared below.
  2. xACS makes new updates day by day and never stops offering diversity to the players.First of all, thank they for this update.The tattoo system added in our new server is one of them.The tattoo system will basically give users an extra bonus boost. There are five different tattoos we have added to our server. These; Solar Tattoo, Lunar Tattoo, Stella Tattoo , Nimbus Tattoo and Special Tattoo NOTE : Tattoos will not be traded. If you buy it, it will come broken. Item Name Bonuses Given Item Image Fee Item Duration Solar Tattoo Defense +30 , HP +200 , MP Bonus +100 , STR Bonus +10 , Weight +150 , Cont +1 150 TL Balance 30 Day Lunar Tattoo Defense +30 , HP +200 , MP Bonus +100 , DEX Bonus +10 , Weight +150 , Cont +1 150 TL Balance 30 Day Stella Tattoo Defense +30 , HP +200 , MP Bonus +100 , INT Bonus +10 , Weight +150 , Cont +1 150 TL Balance 30 Day Nimbus Tattoo HP +100 , Coins+25% , Item Drop +20% , Weight 500 200 TL Balance 30 Day Special Tattoo Defense +3 , HP +100 , MP Bonus 100 , Weight 150 Starter Package Gift 7 Day
  3. Kojiro

    Pet System

    Hello YOURKO Pet System : The pet system is a kind of animal you have in the game, which offers you both visual and a few extra features. How Do I Get ? You can have this item after receiving the quest from the [Familar Tamer] Npc found in moradon. It accompanies you as 1 level, you can name it and establish a connection with it in the game. So what exactly does it do? What does it provide? - It would be a change for friends looking for visuality. Gives You Extra Buff and Defense [By Level] The last level is level 60. It works in 3 different modes. ATTACK, DEFENS, LOOT Attack: In this mode, you can attack the creature with your pet if you wish. Defense: In this mode, you can tank the creature in defensive mode while your pet is attacking the mobs. LOOT: In this mode, you can collect your items from long distances to your pet without any problem. Images are as follows.
  4. As soon as you purchase the extra inventory item from Power Up Store, you can use it immediately. Follow the instruction on the screenshot and you enjoy extra inventory bag. The extra inventory bag cant be sold or trade.
  5. When a party leader wants to quit from the party and wants to transfer the leadership to another player, he doesnt have to disband the party anymore. When you want to transfer the leadership of the party to another player, click on the player you wish to be leader. press "H" to open the Command window. Click "Party " and "Handover" and press "OK"
  6. When you entered a party, the party voice chat will be activated automaticaly. ( teamspeaks sounds are used ) Press "F" key to talk Press "Del" key to set sound detection mode and you can talk without pressing "T" Press "Insert" to open and close the sound. You will see the list of the players from your party on the window. You can check the box on the left for muting players. On the right there are "volume control" bars to set voices of players individually. Active : Sound detection mode and sound sentitivity settings. Mute All : Silence everybody Mute Microphone : Silence your microphone
  7. This system is simple and effective. Its a great way to communicate on top of voice chat system. All you need to do is click on a target and press "Q" key ( for party leaders ) The other important feature of this system is that, if other party members does not have selected target, they'll automaticaly select the party leaders target. This is particularly usefull in a crowded area. This includes monsters as well.
  8. Greetings knights! as we are, xACS team ; tell you briefly about our system's features. Let's not forget that, these kind of modified are designed for you to have a comfortable and fun gaming experience. You can buy the item you wish with simply using our Buying Merchant system. How to use this system ? To setup buying merchant, first press H and check this part Below this trade tab you will face with 2 tabs below this. 1st option which is you can sell your items via vendor in trade of either KnightCash or GoldBar. 2nd option which is you can buy the items you wish with the price you adjust. Item Name You need to fill this area with the name of item you want. Search After you wrote down the name of the item, you may search for it. Basic After you have searched for you items, Basic(+0) items will be shown. Unique After you have searched for your items, Unique(+0) items will be shown. Craft After the search , unsaleable items will be shown. Upgrade After the search you will see the level of upgrade. Reverse After the search, Reverse items will be shown. Accessory After the search you can see about features like "poison". Quantity Selecting amount ( You may specify what amount you will buy.) Amount of coins to purchase You can define the price of your purchase.
  9. Greetings Knights! xACS team will tell you about yet another feature of our server. Let's not forget that these modified features allows you to have a better gaming experience. Clan leader can only transfer the leadership to a Clan assistant. Promote a clan member to Assistant. Go to Clan section from H tab. Right below screen shows you how to transfer your clan. Click onto Clan transfer and you will see your assistants. You can tick the member you wish to promote into leader.
  10. Greetings Knights! xACS team will tell you about yet another feature of our server. Let's not forget that these modified features allows you to have a better gaming experience. About Voting System ; Each user has 1 right to vote. When the day comes, you can vote the war you want hours before it starts. You can see what map get how many votes as a percentage. You will be noticed with the result when the voting is over.
  11. Greetings Knights! xACS team will inform you about our advanced drop search feature. As you can see below, all you need to do is click to "D" button next to " P " . You can look for drops in two ways : You can write down the name of the mob you want to see, and it's drops will be shown on the screen. You can search for drops near your location. It will appear on the list automatically.
  12. Greetings Knights! xACS team presents you yet another feature about our server. What is Offline Ticket system ? This system allows you to be able to contact with our Game Masters even if they are not online. You can send your ticket with selecting the subject above and tell your problem way faster than you think and in no time we will be able to solve your problems. There options are ; In-Game Problems , Account problems , Report a player. How to use Offline Ticket ? Click to " T " button top of your screen. Pop-up screen allows you to choose what kind of subject your ticket has. You can choose it with and select your category. After you have sent your ticket, you can view your ticket in Current Tickets section, with double clicking you can see what's going on with your ticket and get your feedback. Double clicking inform you if your ticket has been replied , what reply did it get. Also as we GameMasters receive a PM as " your ticket has been replied "
  13. Hello YourKO ; How It Works & Activated? You Need to Buy Voucher of Merchant's Eye from Power Up Store Specials (TL Only) Section (Tradeable, Marketable) It Must Be Opened on Hemes NPC to Use the Item After Purchase Their explanations are as follows; Item Name : You need to write the name of the Item You Want to Search in this Section. Sell : Searches the Item You Are Looking For In All Sell Merchants. Close : Closes the Open Window Buy : Searches the Item you are looking for in the All Buy Merchant. Markets & Players who are not the item you are looking for. It will not appear in the market.
  14. Hello YourKO ; How Does It Work & Activate? When we press "F11" in Game, a display like on the screen will be waiting for you. You can set the quality of the video you will shoot with the Resolution Section. [Supports up to 2K.] The higher you set the Bitrate value with the Bitrate Section, the better the image quality of the video. [Supports up to 100.00] With FPS Section FPS / Number of Images Per Second. 30 FPS means 30 frames per second. 60 FPS means 60 frames per second. [Supports 60 FPS] You can start shooting video with the Record Option.
  15. Hello YourKO ; If your character drops out of the game during the market, it will automatically enter the game after 5 minutes and re-establish the same market from where it left off. This way, your market character will be maintained until the items in the market are exhausted. Possible Server Restarts Are Also Included In This Condition. It Works in Both Buy and Sell Markets.
  16. Hello YourKO ; Death Sentence is a Scroll to Work Only in the Colony Zone Area. You Can Use Death Sentence By Selecting A Target. (Excluding Mage and Priests) So What Happens After You Use It? Starts a Compulsory War with the Person You Choose, No One Can See You in the Area You Are In and No One Can Escape in this Small Arena - The Screen of the Targeted Person is Covered in Dark Colors. (Right) -It is not allowed to get out of the area where the blue lights exist, the town cannot be, it cannot be exited -The person who wins the battle gets 2x NP and the one who lose the war loses 2x NP. -When the war is over, the Blue Zone is Closed and Other Users Can See You. -The maximum duration of the battle is 10 minutes. If there is no death from the parties within 10 minutes, the area will be canceled. -If one of the sides falls out of the game or leaves the map, the other side will still receive 2x NP prize. -After the scroll is used, it enters the waiting period of 10 minutes. This time cannot be reset with Relog.
  17. Hello YourKO ; How does the Item Rental System Work and What are the Details? - Only Weapon, Armor and Jewelry items can be given for a period. - Locked or timed items cannot be rented. - In return, you can give Coins, KC Vouchers or a timed item. - KC Voucher items are transferred directly. No time can be selected for KC Voucher items. - You Need To Right Click The Person To Select The [Rental Item] Option And Submit A Request. -When the request is accepted, you need to put the item you will rent or lend in the box and determine how many hours it will take. (Up to 1,3,6,12,24,48 Hours Available) -A faded copy of the item you rented will stay on you and you can see the return time on it (Unavailable) -In this state, the item will not accept any action other than changing its location in the inventory until it returns: -It cannot be not wear, trashed, sold to NPCs, merchant or traded, re-leased, banked, thrown into extra inventory, sealed, upgraded, etc. -It appears in a yellow color on the person who takes the item (also the image of the item on the character will be slightly yellowish) and you can see the finish time on it. -You can throw the Rented Item in the Trash, but it is not returnable.
  18. Hello YourKO ; Camps Will Be Opened When Necessary And Closed When Not Necessary. Moradon, Elmorad Castle, Luferson Castle and in Eslant there are Camp System. NOTE: Bosses Do Not Spawn in areas of Camp 2 , 3
  19. Hello YourKO ; Death Notice filtering added to Command (H) list. 4 settings available; - Show all - Only Party and himself - Only Himself - None
  20. Hello YourKO ; We Continue Our Endless Innovation Series You can access the ID number of the character with User_info. Including Name Change Scroll This ID number does not change in any way. PM can be thrown over ID. Example: /pm# 1234 or @#1234
  21. Hello YourKO ; As known, there are 4 jobs in the game. The Highest Right NP Winning Player (JOB) in the Right NP System has the Dragon symbol. We changed this to set the right NP symbols to specific for each JOB. In short, instead of being 1x Dragon in the game, in game now have 4x Dragon. NOTE: Dragon is completely an example and all other symbols are active with this system.
  22. Hello YourKO ; We continue our innovations What is Merchant Chat System? As we all know, there were no alternatives to the players who made the market, sold items, except Knight, Shout and All Chat. We Are Happy To Present Merchant Chat System To You By Breaking These Standards. Now You Can Make Your Announcement on All Maps ELMORAD-KARUS How Can I Use Merchant Chat System? You can write your announcement by clicking on the Merchant Chat Button located at the bottom of the Damage Bar. You can reach the details from the pictures at the bottom. After you click on Merchant Chat, A New Window Will Be Coming To Your Screen. After You Write The Text From The Bottom Part, You Can Send By Pressing the Enter Key.
  23. Greetings Knights! xACS team will tell you about yet another feature of our server. Let's not forget that these modified features allows you to have a better gaming experience. Exceptional Items now provide 4 APs instead of 2 extra APs. According to their normal state. (Ex: +7 Mirage Dagger (87) While attacking, he will attack with his new version (91)) High Class items such as Mirage Dagger, Glave, Iron Crossbow, Harpoon, Salamander Staff, and Totamic Club that are not exceptional items are now available. Exceptional Products Can Be Made at [Hepa Pupil] Shozin NPC in Moradon. As an example there is Mirage Dagger and you want to make this Extraordinary Mirage Dagger. Requirements for this The weapon you want to transform must be at least +1. Required Materials Devil Feather [1] Must Be 5 Of The Item Required Materials Devil's Spear Stone [2] Must Be 5 Of The Item Required Materials Dark Magic Book [3] Must Be 5 Of The Item Exp Raptor = 1x Exp Shard = 1x Exp İron Bow = 1x Exp Iron Impact = 1x Exp Mirage Dagger = 5x Exp Elixir Staff = 5x Exp Mirage = 5x Exp Impact = 4x Exp Totomic Spear = 4x Exp Graham = 4x Exp Glave = 3x Exp İron Crossbow = 3x Exp Totomic Club = 3x Exp Durandal = 3x Exp Deep Scar = 2x Exp Blade Axe = 2x Exp Harpoon = 2x Exp Salamander Staff = x1 If You Use Shadow Piece, Your Item Will Be Exceptional with 100% Chance. Where can the materials be obtained? Devil Feather [1] and Devil's Spear Stone [2] Material can be obtained from any creature in the Luferson Castle & Elmorad Castle Region. The Dark Magic Book [3] Material can be obtained from any creature in the Colony Zone Area.
  24. Hello, As the xACS Team, I will talk about our new features that we will present to you on our New server.Remember, Many Modified Features And Systemic Changes Of This Kind Will Allow You To Spend Your Time In The Game In A Better And Comfortable Way. What is Perks System? It is a system that will help you to strengthen your character in return for the conditions requested from you. There are 12 Features / Powers in Total in the Perks System. These are : +%2 Damage +%2 Less Damage +%4 Damage To Monster +%100 HP +%200 Mana +%2 Drop +%4 HP Heal +%4 Mana Heal +%1 Upgrade Change +%2 Coins On NPC +%3 Coins From Monsters +%150 Weight How can we use it? An option will be waiting for you in your Character Info as you can see in the picture. When you click on the section, you can see the features as in the picture you see at the bottom. You can give a maximum of 5 Points to each power. Everything is ok, how can I get points? Your experience must be 500M and You must have 3x Silver Bar NOTE: There Is No Level Limit Requirement For You To Benefit From This System. You Can Do It At Any Level When you meet the conditions, you get 5 Jar from the EXP Jar [ 100 Million ] Option found on the last page of NPC Peddler [ Hemes ]. Visual Narration Get 5 Jars from Peddler [ Hemes ] NPC for 500M Exp in Total. (Each 1 Jar Requires 100M Exp) When You Get 5 EXP Jars, Get 3 Silver Bars from Sundries NPC. When you complete the above steps, deliver 5 Jars and 3 Silver Bars to the Related NPC [ Hepa Pupil ] Shozin NPC as in the image I added below. When the process is completed, it will give you an item called Perks Point, as in the image I added at the below (It is not in your inventory, it is automatically reflected as a point in the U Perks section) At the same time, a small window will appear on your screen.
  25. Kojiro

    Hud System

    Hello, As the xACS Team, I will talk about our new features that we will present to you on our new server.Remember, Many Modified Features And Systemic Changes Of This Kind Will Allow You To Spend Your Time In The Game In A Better And Comfortable Way. We think it is a nice innovation for those who do not want to peek at the edge of the screen. The image below explains it all. My Character ( Reflects Your Character's Information ) Show HP Bar ( Shows HP Bar ) Show MP Bar ( Shows MP Bar ) Target Character ( Reflects Target Character & NPC's Information) Show HP Bar ( Shows HP Bar of All Targets ) Only Monsters ( Only Shows On Creatures ) HUD Size Small ( Shows in Small Size ) Medium ( Shows Medium Size ) Large ( Shows in Large Size )
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